Free Download Bhoot FM(Radio Foorti) Recorded Episodes

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Well i was just browsing through Google few nights ago, but was busy on some of my work in my Laptop. It was a friday night and i had to listen to Bhoot-FM , so i just thought if i could download the episodes, thanks to Google , i found what i need. Now you can hear episodes both online and offline.
You can now download all Bhoot FM episodes from and enjoy them at your convenient time.

Bhoot-Fm Episodes Free Download

Enjoy Bhoot FM Episodes:

Downloaders be aware of the scare…your family can’t sue me if you die of a Heart Attack or something. And destroying your time anbd sleep is not what i am telling you NOT TO DO, you can do it but its up to you if you do stuff.

I’m just kidding, (BUT YOU CAN’T STILL SUE ME)

Hope it pleases you..!

Negative Works Like Awesomeness!

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Iy caught my eye, my girlfriend showed it to me in school, i think its quite awesome.

Please see my intructions below and see this picture.

1. Stare at the red star on the girl’s nose for 30 seconds
2. Turn your eyes towards the wall/roof or somewhere else on a plane surface
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