Hey there, well recently i just launched a Crypter that i have programmed, well i am not sure if i should say i fully coded it, but credit goes to a few crypter sources out there i have created my own cypter “Yasar’s Crypter” along with my Automatic Unique Stub Generator “Yasar’s StubGen”. It hs got all latest functionalities of all latest crypters. Its fully free and FUD. I have given a free FUD stub and you can create or modify your own stubs.

Please do share and feel free to post it on your Blogs, Youtube Channel, Websites, Facebook, Twitter etc..

You can read about the functions and the crypter over here: http://www.yasarbase.wordpress.com/crypter


If there is any Bugs on it please inform me and if you find anything that makes you happy or sad, let me know via comments and pretty soon i will be posting a tutorial on using “Yasar’s Crypter v1.0”

Get Yasar’s Crypter NOW for Free!!

If you make a review of Yasar’s Crypter on your Blog or Youtube Channel, the first 10 Reviewers will be getting the Yasar’s Crypter v2.0 before anyone else gets it and will be given a special stub (along with the free gifted stub).
If you have reviewed/shared, please attach your link in the comment secion.

So Happy Crypting & Sharing!!