Yes i am Samin Yasar from bangladesh. I am an ethical hacker and i love to learn nothing but stuff about hacking and programming. I love Remote Admin Tools, Crypters, and Antiviruses as well as other security stuff. I also love Black Hatting sometimes. Well i do it with my friends and stuff. Here i will give you source codes of Hack Tools and similar security tools. Yes i love my computer and yes its a girl, bbut i love my girlfriend much more. I will be releasing many sources like hack tools & nulled web scripts. Yes i am a Pirate and i am proud to say it.

I blog asa ethical hacker on HackClarify and as me on The Yasar Theory. Be sure to check them out..!

I love the pirate world. I love WIKILEAKS, THE PIRATE BAY & KOPIMI as well as open source.

I am currently using a desktop computer with Core i7, a Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop, An iPad 1 along with my Nokia 5530 Symbian v6.0

Well i will also be releasing virus sources and viruses itself over here, and i advice you to mess arround and destroy stuff as much as you want to, but you can’t sue me when you get into trouble (like thats gonna happen)

and yes i always talk like this!


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