VB.NET Source Make every app flash on Task Bar

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You know how when something happens on an app, and the taskbar flashes to get your attention?
well, wouldent it be cool if we could flash every one?

no, its actually quite simple….


Public Class FlashWindow

    Private Declare Function FlashWindow Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal bInvert As Long) As Long

    Shared Sub main()

        For Each p As System.Diagnostics.Process In System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcesses
            If p.MainWindowTitle.Length > 1 Then
                FlashWindow(p.MainWindowHandle, 1)
            End If

    End Sub
End Class

' to make your own app flash, simply remove the whole loop
' and replace ""FlashWindow(p.MainWindowHandle, 1)"" with
' "" FlashWindow(Me.Handle, 1)
' if your app is activated, the icon / taskbar will not flash

Icon Extractor Source Code

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As i prank sometimes and create viruses and keyloggers as well as stubs for them i need diferrent icons. I created this app recently which comes in real handy and is real awesome, although it saves the icons in low quality.

Download Source.

Add ResHacker to Right Click Menu (Patcher+Source)

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You see that some applications like Notepad++, Hex Workshop, PE Explorer etc have right click menu aster you have installed it?

Well i created a Patch to add ResHacker to right menu.

So…. What does it do?

It adds an option to your windows right click menu to open the current file with ResHacker (Resource Hacker).

cool! now i have fast and easy access to one of my most used apps when i need it.

How did i do it. well heres the SS of the program that i created.

As you can see it is a very simple and small application. I did not need anything fancy that i was only going to run a few times a year.

but here is the basic rundown of how it works.

When the program loads it looks inside your “Program Files” directory for the subfolder of “ResHacker” then “Reshacker.exe” if it is found in that location then your all set, otherwise you will have to go browsing for it.

once you have the file path, you click the “Patch” button, Done!

Just for fun i decided to make it go ahead and check to see if the “Patch” has already been applied, if it has, it will tell you and ask you if you want to remove it. The program will then remove the “Patch” from your menu, and your done.

I will be providing both the application and the source in the download links below.

Download Application ONLY.

Download Source ONLY.

Retrieve Handles of Controls outside of Apps (App+Source)

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This was a simple little program i wrote along time ago to assist me in finding the handles to controls inside of other applications. I recently needed it again and decided to re-write it to make it a little easier (for me) to use. It is very simple to use now, simply double click on what process you wish and it will show you all of the forms controls handle and name, if there is text associated with the control, it will display that also. I am providing the source along with the program its self in case anyone feels like working with it.

Program was made in Visual Studio 08′ under the .net framework V. 2.0

Download Source Only

Download Program Only

VB.NET Screen shooting(killing) program Source Code + Bin

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Stupid Computer!!


I made this program because i was getting frustrated with the ctrl keys, a few keyboard driver bugs and some other stuff like i was fuding a stub but Micrsoft Security Essentials was bugging me, and felt like shooting my computer. Rather than actually doing harm to my pc, i decided that this would be the next best thing. But i did turn of Realtime protection on microsoft security essentials and reinstalled keyboard drivers.


inside the archive you will find the source (vb.net) and the application.


Download from MediaFire