Yasar’s Binder

Its the “Yasar’s Binder” or the “Yasar’s Prank Binder” as i like to call it, I left coding it a little while ago after i have spent hours of Googling about hacking tools sources and downloaded a few old binder sources i finally finished it off. Well the GUI is not mine, but from a guy from l33ts.org or hackforums.net, so credits for the GUI goes to that guy. It is quite simple and can be used in seconds without installing. You can combine a normal autorun or setup exe with any .exe trojan as you can see and in the 1st File I have given the path of the Visual Basic Portable and after that in the 2nd File I have given path of the ProRat trojan which is to be binded, It is quite useful for script kiddies too as its much easy Smile with tongue out. You can fool victim by telling him that its just a “WHATEVER” file of yours own. They will open it and have fun where your Trojan will be doing the tricks. The only problem is you need a FUD stub.This Stub is 60% FUD and i only created it for FUn and Pranks as well as joining files. So Happy Binding.


Download From: BOX
No Other Mirrors.
HackForums Thread: http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=2598345

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